How To Look Authoritative During A PowerPoint Presentation

When delivering a PowerPoint Presentation your attitude also adds weight to the idea you are trying to communicate. For instance, if you are too easygoing during your presentation, a time will come when your listeners might also turn inattentive to your words. Hence, how to look authoritative during a PowerPoint Presentation is an equally important part, as much being friendly and interactive to your audience. Demonstrating your presenter’s skills turns even more challenging when, you are to face an audience, which is more experienced than you or elder to you in age. Being commanding in these cases will not leave a very good impression of you; yet you need to be somewhat assertive in order to put your point across.

How To Look Authoritative During A PowerPoint Presentation

Here is a glance at the various scenarios and how to be authoritative according to the situation:

Managing The Age Group Difference

Although to experienced presenters, grabbing the attention of young audience is hardly an issue. However, as stated above the complications are felt when you are to give the presentation to a mature audience.

The best way to deal with the situation is by:

  • Starting to get comfortable with the audience

If you build up a rapport with them even before the commencement of the presentation, it will help in building up the acceptability level in their mind for you.

  • Speak Slowly and Clearly

Being simply audible will not work in this scenario; you should be comprehendible too. Most experienced speakers have pointed out, that their fresher counterparts are too hasty in their speech, which makes it difficult to keep pace with their flow. Hence, in order to sound monumental, you need to speak with patience.

Make Your Slides Informative And Interesting But Not Stuffed

You have a time limit to stick to, hence most presenters end up overcrowding their slides with all the information they can. Instead, if you increase the number of slides and keep maximum information to yourself rather than spilling it all over your PowerPoint Presentation, it will be more effective.

  • Firstly because the audience will stay in suspense and hence listen to you more attentively
  • Secondly you will not be reading from the slides, which is the biggest turn-off for any listener

Announce The Flow Of The Presentation Beforehand

It is better to inform your readers how will be the presentation proceeding, especially the questioning period. You can either ask them to put forward their queries, when you take a break in the middle of the presentation or keep it for the end; because putting up questions in the middle diverts the attention of the presenter; and if he is not able to satisfy the questioner it also breaks his confidence.

Always stay in control of your presentation because no matter what, you have researched on the topic and you are an expert of the field. Hence focusing on your goal will make the journey smoother for you.

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