Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft Recommended Tips for Delivering an Effective Presentation


Slideshows can only get you so far. It’s still up to your skills to make your slides come alive. Here are a few Microsoft recommended tips for delivering effective presentations. These tips can help you create and deliver effective presentations by getting the basics right.

Pro’s And Con’s of Using Audio & Video in Business Presentations


Whenever a discussion pops up over the efficacy of PowerPoint as a presentation tool, there is one thing that always deserves a special mention. And that is visual appeal! PowerPoint Presentations add value to the expression of an idea in a more innovative and presentable manner.

How To Look Authoritative During A PowerPoint Presentation

When delivering a PowerPoint Presentation your attitude also adds weight to the idea you are trying to communicate. For instance, if you are too easygoing during your presentation, a time will come when your listeners might also turn inattentive to your words. Hence, how to look authoritative during a PowerPoint Presentation is an equally important …

How To Overcome Stage Fright During A Presentation

Nervousness before a presentation is a common scenario, prevalent even amongst the best of speakers.If you are gripped with cold shudders much before your name is about to be announced; or every time you glance at the audience there is a shiver running down your spine, then it is time you took some steps to …

5 Ideas To Make Fun Presentations

Making PowerPoint presentations might not be your job; however they are likely a part of it. In fact, how you utilize PowerPoint says a lot about you, especially to the audience. Most people will agree that well placed humor in your presentation is surely to strengthen your relationship with an audience, overcome communication barriers and …

7 Effective Ways To Structure A Knockout Presentation

A PowerPoint Presentation is a great way to promote your ideas, business and yourself.  You have an audience waiting to hear you and you can deal with any queries right there. For a successful presentation, you need to hold the attention of the audience and speak fluently and clearly.

How To Deliver A Motivational PowerPoint Presentation

One of the most common purposes of giving a presentation or speech is to give motivation to the audience. If you are planning to make a motivational PowerPoint presentation then indeed it will take a lot of focus and a considerable amount of time.