How To Effectively Manage A Group Presentation

No matter how efficient a presenter you are, it is during a group presentation that your skills are actually put to test. You have to put your ideas across, prove your talent as a proficient speaker and be a patient listener too. Managing a group presentation is a display of two skills together; first as an orator and second as the handler.

Group Presentation Tips

What is Expected From You?

Divide The Responsibilities

As the manager of the presentation, you need to ensure that every member of the group is allotted proper responsibilities, which they can carry out with ease. You should give everyone the freedom to express their thoughts in their own way, such that it is effectively conveyed.

Manage Things On The Stage And At The Back End

As the executive with the responsibility to make certain, that the presentation is carried out without any glitches; you have to take care of everything right from the beginning. Informing people about last minute changes, if any; reminding people of their role, so that everyone stays updated and know their job well; and even looking after things at the back stage is a part of your duty.

Play A Key Role As A Presenter

When handling so many things, you are also expected to display your talent as a proficient presenter. You need to make certain that you leave a mark of appreciation, in the mind of your listeners.

How To Effectively Manage The Presentation?

Introduce And Identify Responsibly

Start with selecting the topic of the presentation; in case it has already been decided, you have to identify the competence of the participants and then handover their roles to them.

When introducing members at the beginning of the presentation, make certain that each speaker is identified correctly; their names and designations mentioned clearly and flawlessly.

Practice With Everyone For Time Management

Make certain that you practice the delivery of the presentation with all the members of the group. This will help in ensuring that everyone sticks to the time allotted to them; and also give space for rectifications, if any.

Allow Everyone To Put Forward Their Ideas

As the manager of the presentation, you need to ensure that everyone is giving ample opportunity to put their thoughts and ideas in front of the audience. You can suggest changes as an executive; however avoid being authoritative because it will impact their skills and eventually the whole scenario.

Conclude On A Motivating Note

When handed over the job of the handler of the presentation, this is the best part of the whole process. You are given the chance to motivate people with your words; and do it in such a manner that they cannot help applauding your good work.

So, next time you are entrusted with managing a presentation, make sure that you comply with the above stated guidelines.

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