Animated Oil Pumping PowerPoint Template

They say that 90% of vehicles in the world run on oil. Moreover, a majority of our daily needs have become dependent on oil,  be it transportation, fulfillment of energy requirements or use in various substances that we use regularly; ranging from shopping bags, ink, tires, CDs, antiseptics to insect repellents, fertilizers, fishing rods and even plastic. Therefore, a presentation about oil extraction, mineral resources, global warming, green energy or a related topic cannot be complete without slides containing details about oil consumption. If you are looking for some nice animations or PowerPoint Templates related to oil, then here are a few resources for you.

Sunset Oil Rig PowerPoint Template

Perfect for environmental, academic and business related presentations, the Oil Rig PowerPoint Template shows a video animation of an Oil Rig amidst the sunset. This template has some amazing sample slides with video animations, clipart and charts to create presentations with a dramatic touch.

Sunset Oil Rig PowerPoint Template

This template has various types of picture, chart and graphical layouts that can be edited to create elaborate presentations related to oil, the environment, business, finance and the like. The clipart and animations can be moved or copied between slides and PowerPoint documents, as well as edited using PowerPoint tools available from the Ribbon menu.

Oil Rig Sunset Template

This Animated PowerPoint Template is compatible with:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (PC)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote 09 (Mac and  iPad)

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Oil Pump Pumping PowerPoint Animation

This is an animated clipart which can be downloaded in video or GIF image format to be added to your presentation slides in PowerPoint or other types of presentation applications. This animation shows a pump pumping oil from the ground. Such an animation can help you make your presentations more dynamic and keep the interest of the audience alive.

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Oil Pump Pumping PowerPoint Animation

Oil Money China PowerPoint Animation

When making presentations about energy, the environment or the global economy, one cannot forget the impact of China. Whether you need to show energy consumption statistics or wish to elaborate upon the need for mass production with the help of energy resources like oil, the Oil Money China PowerPoint Animation can be worth a thousand words.

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Oil Money China PowerPoint Animation

Stick Figure Turning Valve PowerPoint Animation

As the name suggests, this is another animation for PowerPoint which shows a stick figure turning a valve of an oil pipe. Using this animation with other related slides can help you create a meaningful presentation with relevant animations and themes to put your point effectively across an audience, with the help of relevant animations.

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Stick Figure Turning Valve PowerPoint Animation

Check out more animated presentation templates, video backgrounds and clipart at Presenter Media.

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