How To Draw A 3D Roadmap in PowerPoint

Making timelines and roadmaps in PowerPoint often requires a lot of hard work and can be quite time-consuming. When you are trying to focus on presenting your project plan, you might not want to spend a lot of time on working on the aesthetics of your slides, however, at the same time, you would also want your slides to be eye-catching and professional looking.

In this post we will provide you with a tutorial about how to quickly draw an attractive looking 3D roadmap in PowerPoint, as well as provide you with a slide set that you can use to circumvent the hassle of having to create professional looking roadmaps in PowerPoint.

How to draw roadmaps in PowerPoint

How to Draw a 3D Road Map for Your Slides in PowerPoint (Video Tutorial)

The following video tutorial by Presentation Process shows a quick and easy method for drawing a roadmap in PowerPoint. By following these simple instructions you can conveniently create timeline slides, make project roadmaps and present your ideas with the aid of attractive imagery to have a positive impact on your potential clients, peers or senior management.

Readymade PowerPoint CEO Templates Pack with Editable Roadmap Slides

The CEO Pack by Presentation Process is a PowerPoint slide set which contains a plethora of professionally crafted slides for professional users. These slides provide various editable diagrams and illustrations which you can customize in a matter of minutes to create a professional looking chart, business diagram, project timeline, technical model, etc.

Editable roadmaps and timelines for PowerPoint

The CEO Pack also contains attractive roadmap slides for making timelines, project roadmaps, construction and engineering related slides, as well as slides which can be symbolically used for topics related to business, finance, career coaching and a range of other topics.

Business timeline template for PowerPoint

You can find out more about this premium slide set via the link given below. The CEO Pack contains more than 750 editable diagrams and can be downloaded as per your convenience. You can even order it on CD.

Go to CEO Pack with Editable PowerPoint Roadmaps and Diagrams

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