MightyMeeting: Conduct Meetings Using PowerPoint From Your Mobile Device

MightyMeeting started out as a venture to enable users to connect with fellow users and share presentations, whiteboards and all other forms of data. Over the years, this amazing platform has evolved and empowered millions of users, providing them with the ability to connect more efficiently and effectively.

What started out as a web-based platform has now branched out into the world of Smartphones and tablets with applications available for both Android as well as iOS. This allows users to conduct meetings using PowerPoint from their mobile device with the MightyMeeting application.


What is MightyMeeting?

MightyMeeting is a platform that allows users to conduct real time presentations and meetings using their Smartphone or tablet. The application is designed to give the user all that is needed to successfully host a presentation on the go and at the same time provides them with features like PDF sharing and cloud based storage.

The platform offers smooth transitions and is well suited for last minute presentations and professionals that have to deliver presentations on the go.

MightyMeeting slide show

How does it work?

MightyMeeting is more than just a file-sharing platform. Any presentation that you share using the application sends a link to the users, which is not a direct connection to the file as a download. Instead, the link is connected with the presentation that you need to deliver. The user in real time can remotely control the presentation.

This is what makes it different that all the other sharing applications available for Smartphones. The biggest advantage that the user gets is that the application is readily available at the Google Play Store and iTunes. All that the user needs to do is download the application and every time a last minute presentation comes up, they can be all set up to take the challenge.

The below video provides more details about how you can use MightyMeeting.

All in all this superb application is a complete package. It is a dream come true for professionals and helps them break free from the chains that bind them to their desks.

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