3D PowerPoint

Learn more about how to make 3D graphics in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, and how to convert 2D to 3D in PowerPoint. This category includes articles on PowerPoint and 3D graphics or 3-Dimensional PowerPoint templates that you can download for your presentations.

How To Create Soft Shadows in PowerPoint Graphics & Shapes

Soft shadows can help add some visual appeal to your slides by making your objects and diagrams appear more professional. 3D objects, for instance, can be better presented by using soft shadows to add more detail to your 3D objects and diagrams in PowerPoint.

How To Create 3D Quadrant Circle in PowerPoint For Making Business Diagrams

Circular shapes are often used for representing business diagrams and analysis. Quadrant circles for instance are many a times used when representing a SWOT Analysis, Pest Analysis, or a Boston Matrix.

How To Create 3D Staircase in PowerPoint

A staircase illustration is often used for depicting success, progress, motivation, etc. Since a staircase is often perceived with an upward climb, it can have a positive impact on the audience and such an illustration can be effectively used to motivate an audience or to direct them towards positive thinking.

How To Draw A 3D Roadmap in PowerPoint

Making timelines and roadmaps in PowerPoint often requires a lot of hard work and can be quite time-consuming. When you are trying to focus on presenting your project plan, you might not want to spend a lot of time on working on the aesthetics of your slides, however, at the same time, you would also …

How To Create A 3D Picture Flip Book in PowerPoint

Easy-to-Follow Instructions for Intermediate Users

For those involved in publishing, magazines, books, and similar industries, creating presentations that closely echo their line of work may be challenging. Aside from remaining visually interesting, your presentations should also be highly informative. Thus, writers, publishers, editors, and many others may find this PowerPoint Presentation Template below very useful for creating 3D flip book …

Free PowerPoint Template With Movie Theater Sign Effect

Give Your Own Film or Play That Hollywood Effect

For professionals working in the film and theater, television and generally the entertainment industry, presentations are many a times a requirement. Presentations are used in pre-production and storyboard meetings, as well as in brainstorming activities. Presentations are also necessary if a producer would want to get investors for the film by creating a business proposal …

3D Pyramid PowerPoint Templates Toolkit

If you need high quality and 3D Pyramid Illustrations for your presentations then the pyramids toolkit provided by PresenterMedia can be very handy. This pyramid template for PowerPoint contains five slides that you can copy and paste into your own business PowerPoint presentations. Pyramid Toolkit is prepared to be used in any business or PowerPoint …

Edit PowerPoint 3D SmartArt Graphics in 2D Mode

If you are dealing with 3D graphics in your PowerPoint presentation then you it is good to know that PowerPoint lets you edit the SmartArt Graphics in 2D mode (only for editing purposes) which makes easier to edit the text and shape properties inside the SmartArt Graphic. This can be very handy if you need …

Presenter Media: Download Awesome 3D PowerPoint Templates and 3D Cliparts for your Presentations

If you need to make awesome presentations combining 3D elements like boxes, 3D figures or even more complex 3D PowerPoint templates, then the resources available on PresenterMedia can be very helpful for any serious presentation. PresenterMedia.com is a subscription-based service that offers high-quality 3D PowerPoint templates, videos and 3D cliparts to use in your presentations. From …

ThreeDify 3Doffice: Insert And Create 3D Designs From MS Office Applications

ThreeDify 3Doffice is an add-in for MS Office applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel which allows viewing, creating and tweaking 3D designs. ThreeDify is available both as an individual application and in the form of an add-in for MS Office applications. In fact, the ThreeDify 3Doffice add-in is basically an extension of the ThreeDify …