How to Customize MS Office Color Schemes

When you’re using your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you probably customize it to reflect your preferences and your unique personality. You use certain colors that you like or hues that reflect your mood. However, do you know that you can also customize MS Office color schemes?

All Microsoft Office apps have color schemes that you can apply to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. However, these aren’t just for the text. These built-in color schemes are also applied to many elements within your Office program. These elements include the shapes, tables, fonts, etc. The preset color schemes, however, may not be exactly what you want. One or two or even more colors in the scheme may not exactly be what you want. With this tutorial, we can show you how you can change these and fully customize your color scheme in Microsoft Office.

Customize Your Office Color Scheme

To customize your Microsoft Office programs by changing its color scheme, you can start by just opening any Microsoft Office app. In this tutorial, we’ll use MS Word.


Open a Word document and go to the Design tab in the Ribbon. Here, there’s a Colors button with a drop-down menu. Once you click on the arrow, you’ll see a list of color scheme options that you can choose from. Choose the color scheme you like best from this list, even if it has a couple of off colors that you don’t like.

Once you’ve chosen the color scheme, it will automatically be applied to your document. Then, open the same Colors list again, and this time, select the Customize Colors option at the end of the list. This option will open a new window, showing your current color scheme and how you can customize it.


Choose Your Own Colors for Microsoft Office

This new window, called Create New Theme Colors, will show you how each of the colors in the color scheme is used in various elements of the document. The window shows two columns, one for the Theme colors that you have selected or will select, and the other column shows the sample.


Under Theme Colors, you can see the color scheme you have chosen and their description. This is where you can change up your preset color scheme so it can be exactly how you want it to be. You can play around with all the colors and immediately see how the color combinations will look in the ‘Sample’ section.


Once you’re done choosing your colors, you can then go to the bottom of the window and name your very own color scheme. Then, click on the Save button.


Now, your customized color scheme will take in effect automatically. You can further change your color scheme or create new ones anytime following the same process. You can also apply the same process in other Office applications, such as Excel and PowerPoint.

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