How to create your own Khan Academy with free tools

E-learning will be (for sure) the big next step in education innovation. Last year we all knew about Khan Academy and recently it was nominated to the Crunchies awareness for 2011. Here we will learn more about some tools that can help teachers and educators to build their own Khan Academy with resources for audio, video and presentations.

Record the voice

In order to record voice you can use many tools like Audacity, free tool compatible with many different operating systems and mobile phones. You can export the voice to any sound file format. The output can be shared online or played. For mobile phones and smartphones you can use tools like  iTalk Recorder for iPhone or either Tape-a-Talk for Android apps.

Record voice and capture screen

Many tools are available if you want to record voice and capture the screen, for example Screencast-o-maticJing Screenr are just a few. For other lectures using Khan format you can download an online and digital board to write formulas and words including SmoothDraw for Windows or Kolour Paint for Linux. Both applications are free download.

Record lecture class

Lecture Capture is a technique used to capture the professor class, the professor plus the screen or projection, for example if the teacher is running a PowerPoint presentation or using the mouse pointer in a projection screen. The tools used in this case are: PanoptoEcho360, Camtasia Relay, TegrityMediasite by Sonic FoundryCollaborate y Matterhom

In the last interview to Khan in Reddit they recalled that the methodology and approach to be used is a method that aimed to reduce the overhead time during a class (free time) while focusing in more creative ideas and activities. In the real world the online videos can help the student to understand any topic. The school would be a physical place to interact with other people in a real social environment and explore what they have learned online.

These tools for e-learning can be really helpful if you plan to record your classes (voice and video) in an attempt to simulate Khan approach. The education is maybe the sector that will change so fast during this decade so you can be anticipated to these changes from now.

If you enjoyed this article, you can learn more on Khan presentations, here is a video that shows one of the Algebra classes.