Khan Academy is one of the finest free e-learning resources available for learning a range of subjects. Find out about e-learning resources like Khan Academy and how you can make good use of them for learning subjects online.

If you are someone looking to start your own Khan Academy, see our suggested free e-learning tools that you can use for making effective e-learning courses for your organization.

E-learning resources for presentations and educators

Here we will show you some resources that you can use for e-learning or educational projects, these can be a good complement for your PowerPoint presentations at school or classroom. Here you can watch classes online for example you can attend an online course on physics or get other lessons and exercises online with solutions.  This …

How to create your own Khan Academy with free tools

E-learning will be (for sure) the big next step in education innovation. Last year we all knew about Khan Academy and recently it was nominated to the Crunchies awareness for 2011. Here we will learn more about some tools that can help teachers and educators to build their own Khan Academy with resources for audio, …