TV cops use PowerPoint presentations to solve crimes

Accordingly to the article posted on popwatch, we all agree that in TV shows cops and detectives use PowerPoint presentations to resolve crimes. Cop shows are extremely unrealistic accordingly to this post. In real life, and in shows produced by David Simon, criminal investigations usually last for weeks or months until resolve a crime.

There are no cathartic gunfights. Heck, most detectives never even fire their guns. And I’m sure there are sexy lady detectives, but I’m betting they don’t all wear expensive leather jackets to bloody crime scenes.

TV cops use PowerPoint presentations to solve crimes

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy. The procedural genre gets a bad rap, but shows like Justified and Fringe follow the essential structure of the cop drama but make the format feel vibrant and distinctive. (The essential structure: “Cool, attractive, well-dressed law enforcement agent investigates colorful crime committed by eccentric guest-star criminal, and said crime somehow reflects thematically on the well-dressed law enforcement agent’s emotional journey.”)

But there is one ridiculous trend in the modern cop drama that is unforgivable, partially because of its pure doofus impossibility, but mainly because it’s become an acceptable crutch for lazy writing. I am talking about the Cop Drama PowerPoint Presentation.

The cop drama, a genre that used to value traditional All-American ideals of intelligence, perseverance, and teamwork, has now become a genre which mostly values the modern All-American ideals of “looking attractive” and “making PowerPoint presentations” We deserve better TV cops. Or maybe we don’t. This also happen in CSI, right? They may use PowerPoint templates to make PowerPoint presentations quickly.

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