How To Create The Perfect 5Ps Of Marketing PowerPoint Diagram

The 5Ps of marketing are crucial and lack of proper planning for them will gravely affect the outcome of the business.  Hence, business presentations should be clear and each component of the 5Ps should be properly tackled or discussed. And to aid you in your business presentation, you can use a  SmartArt graphic for your PowerPoint slides.

5 Ps 1

The 5Ps as Presented in Basic Block List SmartArt

In the previous article Using SmartArt Basic Block List for Your PowerPoint Presentation, the 5Ps of Marketing was presented using the Basic Block List SmartArt.  There was an in-depth discussion on how the said graphic could be used to present non-sequential information or blocks of information that are not necessarily presented in a sequence. To simply put it, the Product component could be discussed and tackled at length while the discussion of the Price, Promotion, People and Place may follow after. The same goes for the other components or 5Ps wherein the Promotion could be discussed and tackled first, sort of a brainstorming, before managers or think tanks could come up with ideas on what to sell.

However, when the discussion of the 5Ps comes to its gritty details, you can use other SmartArt for your PowerPoint. You can use the Vertical Block List when listing down Product components or details or you can also use the Bending Picture Accent List.

Using Bending Picture Accent List to Show Details of 5Ps

In the SmartArt graphic shown below, the details that let you understand the Product components are presented using Bending Picture Accent List.  The said graphics is also used to show non-sequential information about the Product and you can also add an image or photo of the product or service, and this will make you better understand what you are selling or promoting.

5 Ps 3

Hence, if a prospective client will ask you, “What makes your Product X different from Product Y,” then you can confidently tell its benefits and advantages that are not offered by your competitors.   Needless to say, it will be easier to promote and sell a product that you know inside and out.

Components that you need to know about your product:

  • Feature of the products or services
  • Advantages or benefits that customers will gain from the product or services

Other Details of 5 Ps Presented in Vertical Block List

Apart from using Bending Picture Accent List, you can also use Vertical Block List to show components or block of information with large amount of text.  Taking as example the other components of 5 Ps –Price, Promotion, People and Place– the details on how to determine or properly plan for each can be placed on the space or block opposite the main component. Mainly, the different between the Bending Picture and Vertical List is the lack of provision to include an image on the later as compared to the former wherein you can aid your PowerPoint with the image of your Product, Price and others.

5 Ps 2

So, for the example as shown above, the detailed components of Price that you should consider, study and research on are:

  • The amount of money your customer is willing to pay
  • Expected profit margin or how much are you expecting to earn from it
  • Operational cost, which will help you ensure that your spending is lesser than your sales

For the Promotion, the detailed components of that you should consider, study and research on are:

  • Strategies to increase product awareness
  • Strategies to establish customer loyalty
  • Strategies to increase sales and profits

For the 5Ps component People, you should be clear on the question,”Who are the people who will be working to implement the business plan?” While Place of Distribution is the location or area where your customers could avail your products or services.

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