Office 365 Home Premium Reaches More Than 1 Million Subscribers

Launched on Jan, 29 Microsoft’s Office 365 Home Premium Reaches More Than 1 Million Subscribers in just 120 days. Above 1 million users have signed up for this service and since it’s launching, it is legitimately the best selling Office edition until now which is considered as the next grand step in Microsoft’s shift to services business.

Office 365 Home Premium Reaches More Than 1 Million Subscribers

No doubt, it has reached the million user milestone faster than some top class services such as: Spotify and Hulu Plus. Thus, it can be rightly said that Microsoft has achieved a great success for the subscription service which just can’t be forgotten in coming years.

What All Does Office 365 Home Premium Entails?

Available in 21 languages and 162 markets, this latest edition of Microsoft Office proffering the broad suite of office apps for all your emailing, database and word processing requirements. It is 4extensively designed to save your precious time and satisfy your business needs. This product is actually made for Windows 8 and further includes an improved user interface which makes it easier to use on keyboard based, pen and touch devices.

Added Features

To allow users creating easily digested Presentations, spreadsheets and documents it boasts some great features that are improved editions of database apps of Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Not just this, it also has the power to drag and drop online media, videos and pictures into your word documents.

Wider Access

Without the requirement of any manual syncing, Office 365 Home Premium allows you uploading files to your 27 GB of cloud storage. Further on, it also gives you a golden chance to access from any type of web browser and enables you install Office on Windows 8 tablets, Macs and 5 PCs.

Consumer Cloud Service

Mainly, it’s formulated for people juggling over increasing work obligations and busy households. It comes standard with new social and cloud benefits that very well suit the budget requirements of large, medium sized and small organizations. Therefore, it has come out to be the latest time saving technology which can help people to be more productive every time.

In today’s high tech savvy world, you can enjoy the computing freedom with one annual subscription to Office 365 Home Premium. Surely, you will be able to connect, share and create data with ultimate ease.

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