How To Create Printable Reward Flyers For Lost Items

When something valuable to you is lost or missing, you need to get the word out. You can ask around in your community, especially within the area where you last saw your property, or even your pet. Having rewards flyers given out or posted within the vicinity or your community can help you have a better chance of finding what you have lost. 

Lost and Found Flyer with Rewards

Create Printable Reward Flyers With Readymade Template

To help you out, we can show you how to create printable reward flyers for lost items. When you are announcing something of value to you as lost or missing, you can have everyone in your community help you find it and, in return you will give them a reward or token for returning to you that item.

This Reward Flyer Template is a Word Online Template that is also convenient so you can share details about lost or missing items, pets, or even persons online. You can easily share relevant information through this flyer through online means, such as via email or through social media. Additionally, you can also print it and give it out in the streets or post it in bulletins.

Beautiful, Clean Design to Present Information Clearly

Add Text and Replace Sample Image

To customize, simply follow the text placeholders strategically placed and laid out in the flyer. Some information are emphasized to catch the attention of passersby and some are written in detail to give them the right information necessary for finding the missing item and returning it to you. Some of the placeholders include Reward, Amount of reward, Missing item and Location. You can also add more details by typing on the spaces provided.

Of course, to make it easy for people to recognize and find what you are looking for, you have to include an accurate and latest photo. This way, they can see clearly the features, and other characteristics of the item, or other missing objects or even animal or person that you are looking for.

Choose Text Styles to Suit Your Own Customization Preferences

You can easily start your own lost and found campaign with this template, and best of all, you have the option of updating and modifying it anytime and anywhere through your browser. Simply log in to your OneDrive account using any mobile device or computer.

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