Highster Mobile: Employee And Parental Monitoring Software

Usually, a software which collects data about a local device and sends it secretly to another person is called a spyware. However, not all types of spyware can be counted as malicious software. This is because some such applications are developed for more benevolent purposes and are freely available under legal boundaries. Highster Mobile is one such application which enables remotely monitoring everything from SMS, phone calls, emails, GPS location of the host device and more.

Highster Mobile

Keep Track of Employee or Children’s Activity

While there are a number of benefits of using Highster Mobile, the most useful ones are perhaps to track employee activity or your children. For example, you might want to insure that your employee using a smartphone or tablet on your corporate network isn’t sharing your company data via What’s app or cloud storage services. Similarly, you can ensure that your children aren’t being exposed to dangerous content or people.

Using Highster Mobile is extremely easy, all that is required is to install it on the device that is to be monitored and you’re good to go.

Remote monitoring software

Track SMS, GPS Location, Camera, Call Log, Browser History, Email and iMessages

You can comprehensively track user activity remotely within a simple interface that allows you to acquire all necessary details of the remote device, such as SMS, GPS logs, iMessages, browser history, emails, phone calls, etc.

Remote monitoring tool

Fail Safe for Tracking Children or Employees in Emergency Situations

Since Highster Mobile provides a wide range of monitoring and tracking options, it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to track your child in case he/she gets lost or to track employees GPS location in case of an accident. This app even allows remotely using the camera of device that is being tracked, which can further help in monitoring and tracking your employees or children.

Track GPS location

Unlike other remote monitoring software, Highster Mobile has a one time cost of $69.99 with no recurring fee. Moreover, you can install it on multiple devices without incurring any extra cost. Highster Mobile is compatible with a number of device types, including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android Devices

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Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this app it is likely that some people might wish to use it for malicious purposes or without the consent of the individual being tracked, which in turn might result in violation of legal laws and/or the privacy of individuals or a group of people. This review is by no means meant to promote such activity and in the wake of any misuse of this software, FPPT and its team members will not be liable for any damages.

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