How to Create a Pyramid Cone Diagram for PowerPoint Templates

Recently we published an article about how to make a funnel diagram in PowerPoint so we can design some nice diagrams and slides for flow of information in an organization.

Here we will apply some basic changes to this previous tutorial to create a pyramid cone diagram for PowerPoint. Pyramid cone can be very useful for example to illustrate a food pyramid or any other information that can be represented in a pyramid. Business pyramid diagrams can be very helpful to illustrate and decorate slides, for example we can use the pyramid cone to design a strategy pyramid business or other hierarchical levels of strategy including Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategies, Tactics, Action plans and more.

How to create a pyramid cone diagram for PowerPoint templates

The diagrams like this pyramid cone can be used by other flow chart software that creates 3D diagrams as well as flowchart templates, network diagram examples, flowchart diagrams.