Deck.js JS & HTML Presentation Framework

If you already know about S2 for presentations then Deck.js will look much more impressive since it allows to create attractive presentations with native HTML and jQuery animations and transitions. By using deck.js you can make HTML presentations compatible with modern browsers and even mobile devices or smartphones. This is a JavaScript and HTML presentation framework that will let you create amazing presentations for the web and mobile devices without using PowerPoint nor Google Slides.

Deck.js can be considered a good alternative to PowerPoint if you do not want to rely on any traditional presentation software like PowerPoint, Keynote or even Google Slides.

Usually people who create presentations required using PowerPoint, but this time Deck.js is an open source alternative that let you create elegant set of slides that can run in any browser. The drawback is that you need to know some HTML in order to use it, but if you are good with HTML and HTML5 then you can create amazing presentations online.

There are some nice ideas for Deck.js users and developers, including a Deck.js HTML editor so you can edit your slides without even knowing HTML or web design, as well as a complete digital signage solution using HTML and deck.js which may turn your traditional digital signage presentations or software into an open source alternative using HTML, web browsers and Deck.js.

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