Presenter View in PowerPoint

Presenter View in PowerPoint is a great feature that can save you time and let you improve your presentation effectiveness during a meeting. By using Presenter View you can for example read your speaker notes in PowerPoint while your audience see the full presentation slideshow. In order to do this we need to monitors but this is not something uncommon in any professional meeting room.

Presenter View in PowerPoint

What can you do with Presenter View in PowerPoint?

In Presenter View you can see different panes: the speaker notes, the slides and the thumbnails at the bottom.  By using Presenter View you can:

  • Read the speaker notes privately
  • Practice your presentations
  • Go to a desired slide quickly (by clicking the thumbnail)
  • Control the presentation timing
  • Access the pen and pointer features easily
  • See the current time (useful if you have a tight presentation duration)

There are ways to run Presenter View even if you have one monitor. It is suggested to extend the current screen in the Device Options or pressing Windows Key + P.

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