How to Convert a Diagram to Text in PowerPoint 2010

Recently we learnt how to convert text to SmartArt object in PowerPoint but now we will learn how to do the opposite. Converting SmartArt diagrams to text can be very useful for example if we receive a PowerPoint presentation that already have complex SmartArt diagrams and we want the text version of the diagram. Normally the diagram is based on a hierarchy structure (a tree or bullet list) that is helpful to build this diagram, and PowerPoint has a nice feature that let you convert the SmartArt object into a text version.

Let’s see how to convert a 4P Marketing Mix diagram into a text PowerPoint slide.

First you need right click over the SmartArt diagram and then locate the Convert to Text option.

By clicking convert to text we will get the text version of this diagram as a bullet list.

This kind of tasks can help to save time while working with business PowerPoint presentations as well as other marketing PPT presentation templates in your organization. Sometimes we lack of time to prepare a PowerPoint presentation so learning about these tips can help us to save time in the long term.

You can play to make your own marketing diagrams and templates for PowerPoint to be used for example in topics like marketing ideas, small business marketing PowerPoint templates or business marketing strategies.