How to edit a shape in PowerPoint 2010

If you want to edit a shape in PowerPoint then you can do it. The reason to edit a shape may vary as well as the applications, however sometimes it is needed to edit a shape in order to create a custom shape. Here we will show you how you can easily edit the shape points in a PowerPoint shape. This can be a great tool to enhance your PowerPoint presentations as well as create very good PowerPoint templates for your organization or personal purpose.

First, we need to create a shape. Then we are ready to click the Edit Points that is available after right clicking the shape in the slide.

By editing a shape you can crear complex shape figures or distort an ordinary shape.

Creating advanced shapes

Besides editing shape you can create advanced shapes using other shape tools available in PowerPoint. One of these tools is the Combine Shape feature that let you apply some basic set operations for example union, intersection, subtract and combine.

We will learn how to use the combine tool in PowerPoint very soon so we encourage you to stay tuned and subscribe to our free PowerPoint templates website.

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