How To Choose The Best Topic For Your PowerPoint Presentation?

In order to become a public speaking extraordinaire, you need to know your topic first. Obviously, it is not the only thing that you need to consider but it plays a vital role in the success of your PowerPoint Presentation. PowerPoint is a magnificent technical tool that permits everyone from school children to high ranking officers to enhance their presentations with audio and visuals.

How To Choose The Best Topic For Your PowerPoint Presentation

The best presentations always come from the best topics and the best topics are the ones you love and know. Your interests and passion can transform the PowerPoint topics into wonderful presentations. Now, let’s take a look at how you can choose the ideal topic for your PowerPoint presentation:


No doubt, choosing a topic for PPT is a difficult process. You can choose from an unlimited range of options, but most of them may be the wrong choice. So, narrow down the choices and you will lower down the error factor consequently. With your passion in mind, list the suitable topics for your context. Filter all the limitless topics through your context and passion.


Once you have your context and passions in place, narrow down your topic. If the topic is too difficult then your audience will have a hard time following along. By getting down to the point, simplify your topic and be brutal. Cut down the excess material that might distract your audience because a simple topic makes a clear presentation.


The structure of your PowerPoint presentation should not have more than ten slides. Also, it should not take longer than 20 minutes and font should never be smaller than thirty points. If your presentation has a consistent and simple structure then topic will be able to come through. Start your PPT by presenting the problem and then discuss about the solution.


When the time has come for you to deliver PowerPoint presentation then do remember some simple rules. They are: jot down some notes on a notepad, don’t read the slides, never turn your back to the audience, maintain an eye contact with them and let your passion come through. These simple things will help you make a perfect presentation.

Hence, just keep in mind the above mentioned important points and you will certainly feel enthusiastic about giving your presentation.

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