How To Create Printable Halloween Greeting Cards in Word

Halloween is one of the most loved times of the year for both the young and the young at heart. The Halloween season brings excitement for everyone as it is that time when people can dress up to their favorite characters or costumes.

It is also that time when children will expectantly knock on doors and do trick or treat while grownups stock on candies to give them. And who will not be up in glee and anticipation with how the whole neighborhood will be transformed with jack o’ lanterns, cobwebs, and many other spooky decor?

Beautifully Designed Greeting Card for Halloween

If you are one of those who wants to spook or give cheer during this Halloween season, then you would like this template for Printable Halloween Greeting Cards in Word. This template is available on Word Online and can be accessed on any browser on any mobile device or computer. Simply log on to your Microsoft Online or OneDrive account. You can also opt to save the template to your own computer and make modifications from there.

This Printable Halloween Greeting Card Template for Word Online is specially designed for Halloween. It is downloadable and accessible for free, and you can print two copies of the greeting card on a single sheet of paper. This is also compatible on Avery 3268 and similar card stock.

Fit Two Greeting Cards in One Page

The template features an image of a pumpkin, in white, over a black background. The image looks distressed and textured to add to its scary appeal. The words “Happy Halloween” is also included on top of the greeting card. The phrase is in a special font style, in orange, and completes the whole look of the greeting card.

Choose Your Styles, Layouts and Themes to Customize

Once it is printed, you can go ahead and write your Halloween message. You can also type your message on the Word document and print the greeting cards afterwards.

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