Hierarchy Diagram PowerPoint Template

When you are creating a presentation or an organizational chart, you often find the need to create a hierarchy, or arrange ideas or people according to importance or task. A hierarchy is very useful for giving you and your audience an organized visual pathway of concepts. This allows you to better explain your idea, or more effectively display a chain of command within your organization.


The Hierarchy Diagram PowerPoint Template is a great tool to help you organize and express a set of concepts or to create an organizational chart. This diagram template for PowerPoint also makes it very easy for those who have beginner skills in PowerPoint and those who have no background in graphic design to create professional-looking and impressive hierarchy diagrams.

Create Beautiful Hierarchy Templates

The diagram template features a blue theme. It has a solid blue background that is easy on the eyes, with flowing lines in shades of blue that serve as a top border to the slide, adding interest and design to the slide while framing the hierarchy diagram below.

The hierarchy diagram is in turquoise blue, which is also light and easy on the eyes. There’s three layers of hierarchy already created for you, and it’s easy to add more shapes and layers or roles depending on the size of your own organization or company.


Customize the Diagram to Suit Your Taste

You can also easily edit the names and designations or titles on each rectangle, so everything is already in place and is cleanly laid out for you. Just click on the sample texts on each of the boxes to edit them.

And if blue is not your color, or you want something else that matches the color scheme of your own company, you can change the preset colors in the template. Just go to the Design menu in the Ribbon and choose from the many sample themes.


You can also change the colors of the hierarchy by clicking on the diagram and clicking on the SmartArt Tools Design tab that automatically appears. Here, you can change the layouts, change the colors, and select from the many Quick Styles that are already provided for you.

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