Melancholy Abstract PowerPoint Template

When you use abstract art or design in your presentations, you are not only creating a background for your content. You are also setting the mood for your whole presentation. This is why it is also important to choose the right kind of abstract PowerPoint template or abstract design to use.


Beautiful and Elegant Abstract Template

The Melancholy Abstract PowerPoint Template is a well-made template that is elegant, beautiful, professional, and versatile. It is a free template that you can actually use many times, making it an ideal go-to for all your presentation needs. It can be used for personal, organization, school, or business presentations, from event slideshows to financial reports.

The template features a melancholic abstract design. It has a white background with a touch of blue and tan colors that seem to have a glossy, glass effect, resembling that of marbles. The combination of colors make it abstract yet formal instead of loud or gaudy, which can distract your audience from your content. This melancholy abstract design is in fact muted enough to make your text and other content stand out.


The text of the template is a combination of tan and blue as well, making it match the background colors. It is perfect as it is, but you can still, of course, change the text colors and text styles to suit your preferences.

Easily Customize Your Template and Slides

The inside slides have different layouts. There are five slides that are already in the template, allowing you to create quick presentations on-the-go. You can include lists, graphs, tables, and diagrams. Moreover, you can click on New Slide to populate more slide layouts and choose the ones you need to build your own presentation. You can rearrange all the slides, delete, and duplicate them to ensure that you effectively present your information.


This template can be uploaded and stored in the cloud, through your OneDrive account, so you can easily retrieve and access it whenever you need to create a presentation. With OneDrive, you can also have a team working with you on this melancholy abstract presentation.

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