Health Care Proposal Template For Word

Health care management is important because it gives you security in unfortunate times when you or your family’s health and well-being is on the line. A health care insurance or management system is one of the most important investments that you can make. If you are in the health care insurance business, you would know that although this is a good investment, not many people can be easily convinced to get their own insurance policy. 

Create a Winning Proposal

To help you set the stage for a winning sales pitch to close the sale of a health care insurance, you would need an equally winning template. The Health Care Proposal Template for Word is a highly elegant and professional template that can help you get started.

Clean, Beautiful and Elegant Proposal Template for the Healthy Industry

This Health Care Proposal Template for Word is a professionally designed, highly functional proposal template specific for the health care industry. This Word 2007 template is part of a beautiful wood and metal template collection known as the Health Simple design set, which is tailor-made for clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and other health care and medical establishments.

Sterile Yet Elegant Design for the Medical Industry

This particular template is intended for the health care management and health insurance industry. The template features a rich dark brown wood grain design in stark contrast with the cool, shiny metal. Together, these textures form a border on the template and act as accent to the whole document. The background is set with a subtle, elegant pattern that gives texture and interest yet draws the attention to the content.

Create a Convincing Proposal Using this Template

This template contains five pages that start with a title page. The title page contains the title of your proposal, the client or prospect it is addressed to, and the date of the proposal. The layout allows for enough space for you to insert your company logo and even write your company name. This title page also draws attention to two photo boxes that you can use to draw your audience’s attention to what you are about to discuss in the proposal. The photo boxes are located in the lower half portion of the template and can be used to insert any photo that you may find suitable for your topic.

Beautiful and Clean Layouts

The inside pages still retain the wood and metal border over the patterned background. They are also designed with a ready-made layout that allows you to present your content in a clear and concise manner. The second page is a full-text layout while the third page is a contrast, with a teal background. Here, you can insert another photo, or a table, chart or SmartArt diagram and discuss the details through the caption layout.

Contrasting Wood and Metal Design with Professional Layout

The fourth page is another different layout that allows you to also insert a photo or another object in the bottem part of the page. The last page is designed with a full rich woodgrain background accented by a border of shiny metal strips on the top and bottom. The company name, address and contact information is located here as well, at the right-hand side near the bottom.

This template can also be used for proposals in business, design, engineering, and education, to name a few industries.

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