Certificate Of Achievement Template For Word 2013

Recognizing achievements or a job well done can give your employees or subordinates a sense of pride and satisfaction. Giving out certificates can be an effective motivational tool to reward great work and inspire others within the organization to do the same. There are many ways for recognizing achievement and it is great to have a template that you can use for any occasion. 

Elegant and Professional-Looking Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement Template for Word 2013 is a certificate template that you can easily customize for your own company and your employee’s achievements. This template is designed to look professional and festive as a celebration and positive reinforcement of a job done excellently.

Reward Excellence and Motivate Employees

Although this template is in Word 2013, it has backward compatibility with older versions. However, the features work best in Word 2013 so you can maximize all the customization and theme options.

This Certificate of Achievement Template for Word 2013 features an elegant template that is colorful enough without losing its professional and sophisticated look. The design is also universal and can suit many types of occasions, like year-end and team building activities, monthly recognitions, company outings, holiday celebrations, and even Christmas parties.

Simply Change the Placeholders to Customize with Your Own Information

The certificate template is framed by a beautiful border with a classic, curving pattern. The “Certificate of Achievement” phrase is in the middle serving as a header. The recipient name is in a text placeholder, emphasized by an underline. This placeholder makes it easy for you to change the Recipient Name for your various employees. Meanwhile, there is also another placeholder for the achievement, program or project that the employee has completed. For each event, achievement, or training conducted, you can give out these certificates to your employees.

Take Time to Recognize Achievement

This certificate can be used as a Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Participation, Certificate of Recognition, or Certificate of Excellence, depending on what you want to acknowledge. The wordings in the template are all editable so your customization options are endless.

Reward Your Employees' Hardwork Using This Beautiful Template

Aside from these features, you can also include your company logo on the placeholder at the bottom of the certificate. The month, day and year of the event or award ceremony is also included in a placeholder bordered by a beautiful gold seal design.

This template is printer-friendly and can be printed out on any standard-sized paper or vellum board.

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    1. Hi Petrus. This template with certificate of achievement do not have a wax seal. But I can recommend you another certificate PowerPoint template with a wax seal shape and use it to decorate your slides. Since the wax seal is created with PowerPoint shapes (like a vector) you can easily isolate that illustration and copy and paste into your presentation. Let me know if it works or if you want us to create one for you.

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