Online Advertising

Why Should You Choose Social Media To Market Products?

You must have heard of it that some of the average movies turn out to be big blockbusters, with the prime reason being word-of-mouth publicity. Yes! It is true indeed. Even the corporate sector has also witnessed the good and bad of this promotion stint. Many-a-times, a product turns to be an instant hit. But, …

Do You Think Advertising is a Necessary Evil?

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, when people started producing goods for profit, advertising has come to play a vital part so that these goods and services reach their intended target market. Advertisement these days plays an important role, especially now that we have so many different companies offering the same products!

Simple Advertising Insertion Order Template for Microsoft Word

This simple Advertising Insertion Order Template for Microsoft Word is a free IO template that you can use if you are a publisher and want to sell ads in your website or even you are an online agency and want to purchase ads from blogs and websites selling remaining space. This free IO template for …