GroupLoop Helps You Organize Your Messages, Calendar And Track RSVP Invites

Being a manager, secretary or handling coordination tasks have become quite complicated. There is barley a mechanism that can centralize your calendar, emails and discussions. Moreover, even the available options are not very centralized or convenient. If you are tired of sifting through emails and are looking for an easy organizer to help you streamline your tasks at office, then try GroupLoop. It is a web service that provides a single place for users to share and archive files (e.g. photos and PowerPoint files), keep an eye on discussions, organize their calendar, invite people and keep track of meetings and avoid getting buried in a mountain of emails that you can somehow never find on time.

GroupLoop Committee Organization Software

To get started with GroupLoop, simply sign up for a free account to begin using the service.

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Free Account With Convenient Options

After signing up, you can login to your personalized organization account to organize your calendar, RSVP system, and messages. All new accounts are free to use without any trial limitations. However you can upgrade to premium plans for extra features.

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Organize Your Contact List

GroupLoop makes it possible to save contact information for users in convenient groups. You can add detailed information for each user and easily organize your contact list in custom groups.

Invite Users

Save And Share Documents

You can easily upload and share all kinds of documents and organize them in convenient categories with custom labels (e.g. Office Files, Meeting Minutes, PowerPoint presentations and the like).

Save files

Organize Your Calendar And Send Automatic RSVP Reminders

You can organize your calendar, add events, request RSVP and send an email about the meeting to all contacts. Users can reply back via RSVP and even enter their personal comments. People who have not replied are sent RSVP reminders when the meeting date is near. This helps you keep track of people who have responded to events and meetings and send automatic reminders without having to manually check for people who might not have responded.

Organize Your Calendar

Post And Keep Track Of Your Messages

If you are tired of organizing your emails, you can even post messages and email yourself copies of specific messages from your archive. Your archive helps you track messages easier than emails, as all messages can be found from a centralized location more conveniently, along with your calendar, RSVP information and saved documents.

Post Messages

SSL Security For Premium Members

Premium members can benefit from encrypted data sessions with SSL security. Paid plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Users with paid accounts can downgrade or cancel their subscription before the next renewal period. Paid accounts cost between $19-$179 per month (depending upon the package). A list of the paid packages is shown in the below image.

Paid Plans

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