Creating a Red No Sign in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes

PowerPoint has a nice shapes gallery that lets us create awesome graphics for different purposes. If we need to create symbols and signs for PowerPoint presentations and other purposes, we can use the PowerPoint shapes gallery. Here we will show you how to create a simple red No sign in PowerPoint using shapes.

Red No Sign

First, we start adding the No symbol shape into the slide. By default, the shape won’t look in red color, instead maybe it will be blue. But easily we can change the style of the shape from the Format menu or Shapes Styles.

Red No symbol powerpoint template

Also, you can change the width of this shape by dragging the yellow diamond in PowerPoint.

Red No symbol ppt

Finally, you can put this red No symbol above any other graphic and this can be used for example in any presentation where you want to ban something, for example describe no smoking areas or stop violence or any other banned activity.

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