Free Monthly Meal Planner For Excel

For every homemaker, meal planning can be a drag. Sometimes, unexpected things happen, or you just don’t have enough preparation or ingredients to cook according to your plan. Without a meal plan, you tend to cook whatever it is you think of, which results to usually unhealthy food choices for yourself and your family.


The Free Monthly Meal Planner for Excel is a helpful tool, professionally designed to organize your busy family’s meals for the whole month. With this free Excel template, you can better prepare your budget and your pantry for needed ingredients. Aside from that, you have a better grasp of what food you are preparing. You can ensure that you and your family eats well with healthy, delicious food.

User-Friendly Layout

Without a meal plan, most families would just resort to fast food and take outs. Sometimes, so much so that they tend to not eat together as a family at all. Considering that meals are one of the most important times that you can have with your family seated in one table to dine and discuss; a healthy, trusty meal planner is a must.


The Free Monthly Meal Planner for Excel is a great template to provide you ease of use. With this template, you can input a month’s worth of meals and ingredients. Meanwhile, Excel automatically compiles this into a weekly grocery list. This feature is especially useful for busy families to ensure that they don’t forget any ingredient in the grocery and that they eat a good, hearty meal together.

Four-in-One Meal Planning Template

The Free Monthly Meal Planner for Excel has four tabs that make it the ultimate in meal planning, as it offers four sections for managing meal plans, ingredients, recipes and shopping lists.


  • Meal Plan – With this tab, you can easily plan, write down, review and modify your meal plan. This contains the Date, Main Dish, Servings and columns for two Side Dishes.
  • Ingredients – This tab contains the ingredients required for each dish. It is very detailed so your measurements are exact as it contains the Amount and Unit of each required ingredient.
  • Recipes – This tab contains the recipes for each dish. It also features a Recipe Link where you can put the link from where you found the recipe that you want to include in your meal plan and cook for your family.
  • Shopping – This tab gives you a detailed list of all the ingredients you need for your month’s worth of meals. It has a column each for Ingredients, Unit and Quantity. It also has space for Notes so you can include your reminders or comments. Print this tab on your next grocery trip and you’re good to go.


This handy-dandy Free Monthly Meal Planner for Excel is available at

8 comments on “Free Monthly Meal Planner For Excel

  1. Hello, I was wondering how did you format it so that one could click a tab and access a different sheet but retain the same table as seen in this template.

  2. Macro to compile shopping list is not working. I have saved my settings to enable macros, and when I look in the available macros under the developer tab, none show up. How can I fix this?

  3. Hi, It seems like you are not answering, but I will try anyway. I have the same issue as the comments before, When I click compile list, the message sais “macro cannot be found”. Updating the shopping list ingredients is also not possible. Can you help me?

  4. Hi

    I got the same problems (no compile list and no updating shopping list). and would love to know how to fix it!

    I’m using MS Word for Mac, version 15.20

  5. I’m having the same issue. The compile list is not working, nothing happens :/ I’m using the most up to date version of Office on a mac.

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