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Hard drives are known for two things, one storing data and the other is redundancy! When my laptop’s hard drive got cooked, I was able to recover some data using a pre-installation environment but it was one of the most laborious and annoying tasks that I have ever performed as an IT pro. Thankfully, some of my important data was backed up to a SugarSync and Dropbox account so recovery was easier than it would have been otherwise. However, free cloud storage is quite limited in capacity and paid packages can cost you a fortune, furthermore, services like Amazon S3 are either too tech savvy for most users or they find it too expensive.

If you are looking for an easy cloud storage solution for an amount as low as approximately $4 a month with a huge online backup capacity, you should try Backblaze.


Unlimited Cloud Storage Space, With No Limit For Maximum File Size

Backblaze is a cloud backup solution for storing a large amount of your data with a Dropbox like application, be it your movies, music, photos, office documents or even your PowerPoint presentations. Backblaze is not only cheaper than most cloud backup services but is arguably easier to use than Amazon S3 and has more elaborate features than services like Dropbox. One of the hallmarks of BackBlaze is its ability to deliver unlimited file storage, with an unlimited file size, for a very little amount. While Backblaze is a paid service, you can sign up for a 15 day trial and download the desktop application for Windows or Mac OS X to test the service before making a purchase.

Online Backup & Data Backup Software

The desktop application of Backblaze has very easy to use options with the utility to automatically or manually start file backup. Additionally, you can even schedule file backups.

Backup Files With Backblaze

When you run the installation wizard, Backblaze automatically picks up some of the folders which may appear important. You can later select which drives to backup from Backblaze Settings.

Backup Files to Backblaze

Following is an overview of BackBlaze Settings.

  • Settings: This tab provides options to select drives to backup, enable/disable animated help tips and to warn when backup has not taken places after a certain period of time (e.g. 7 days).
  • Performance: This tab provides options for bandwidth throttling and to select backup depending upon your laptops available battery power.
  • Schedule: As the name suggests, this tab can be used for scheduling your backup.
  • Exclusions: Can be used for adding, restoring or removing folders to backup.
  • Security:  For entering a private encryption key.
  • Files Scheduled For Backup: Shows files being backed up.
  • Reports And Event Log: Provides reports and logs for backups.

Backblaze Settings

The Verdict

Pros: Backblaze has quite an unbeatable price for unlimited data backup, with easy backup options.

Cons: Does not have a free version and applications are available for Windows and Mac, with the option to download backed up data to iPhone. This means that Backblaze lacks applications for mobile platforms.

Hence, Backblaze is more suitable for people who may be willing to pay a bit for a service, in exchange for being able to save a large amount of data to the cloud.

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