Animated New Year To Do List PowerPoint Template

Every time a new year starts, there is a list of things that need to be worked on at office and at home. The Holiday Season often results in a lot of pending tasks and getting back to work might mean working extra hard. To keep everything organized and neatly planned, a to-do list can be of immense help. The Animated New Year To Do List PowerPoint Template can be used for showcasing your plans for the new year ahead, with some visually appealing slides that come with a unique perspective.

Showcase your Plans for the New Year

You can use this to-do list template for making elaborate plans for your organization, as well as for a client if you’re a freelancer. Similarly, you can use this template to make presentations for school. The template contains various handy slides that are easy to edit for making various types of layouts.

The title slide provides a flat design slide with the year 2017 written in the middle with puzzle piece designs. You can use this template year after year by simply changing the year in this slide.

To-Do List Layouts

There are various slides with checklist layouts which you can use to create and present a to-do list before an audience. The sample images within slides can be replaced or removed anytime, with the utility to fashion each part of your slide by making use of the editability of slide objects.

There are also helpful tooltips which explain how to edit objects in different slides, which can aid you in designing your slide content.

Create Attractive Slide Decks

Unlike most PowerPoint slide decks, each slide in this template is quite unique, with various handy layouts giving you the utility to create diagrams, infographics, checklists, etc. The slides load in animated form, and your added content gels with the animations automatically; as you run the slides in slideshow mode.

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