Business Body Language

In business, how you say something, the way you conduct yourself matters a lot. When you are out at generating contracts or networking events, there is a non verbal language being spoken by you which tells a lot about your personality. Thus, it is quite important to understand the Business Body Language which is truly like a social body language and so taking note of certain behaviors and movements will help you a lot.

Business Handshake to Seal a Deal
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No doubt, your facial expressions, posture, gestures convey powerful messages to the people you communicate with. Therefore, your effective body language plays a vital role in business dealings.

Tips on Business Body Language

In the workplace, here are some great points that will help you with your non verbal communication. Take a look at some of them that are here as under:


There are several examples of friendly body language that you may use in your business. Likewise: you may keep your hands out of pocket by keeping them above the table for more effective trust building. Try not to purse your lips since it makes you look judgmental and so makes sure you are open up.

Rapport Building

When you really want to show that you are listening with your whole body, try to do mirroring and certainly you will be able to build trust successfully. Especially, when you are in sales and having a desire to build rapport with client, this exercise can lead you towards achieving your goal within a stipulated period of time.


According to the recent study, it has been found that one can easily predict the success of a CEO with the help of his/her picture. So, if you also want to show your confidence, don’t be afraid to take your space. Not just this, do steepling by bringing hands towards face or chest followed by pressing the finger tips together. When you walk through the office, hold your chin and head high. All this will ultimately bring a lot of change in your professional life.

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Henceforth changing your Business Body Language can have an astounding impact on the people around you. Keep the above mentioned aspects in your mind and get ready for the results you always wanted to have.

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