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Fishing is one of the leisurely activities that many people look forward to all year. It’s usually when people go on vacations that fishing tends to be a favorite activity that helps friends and family bond, as they catch some bounty. On the contrary, some people like going fishing just for solitude, and of course, the fish itself. The Going Fishing PowerPoint Template is all about fishing and fishers.

Celebrate Fishing and Fishers

The original title of this PowerPoint template is ‘fisher’, however, ‘going fishing’ pretty much describes the theme of this free PowerPoint template, which celebrates fishing and people who love it as a sport. Whether you’re making a presentation about people who live off by fishing or the ones who love it as a hobby, this free PowerPoint template can be the perfect slide deck to explain such details. You can also use this template to cover a wide variety of topics such as; leisure, vacations, travel and tourism, nature, etc.

The template has five sample slides, which can be further customized by adding your own content, as well as by changing the default layouts via the Layouts drop down menu in PowerPoint. You can duplicate slides to increase the number of slides in the deck and build upon this generic template as you like.

Fishing & Water Themed Slide Designs

The fishing themed image is present throughout the entire slide deck. This gives consistency to the whole template, as the title slide depicts the same image as the main background. The entire deck also has a greenish color tone, with a wave like separator separating the fishing rod image from the content part of the slides.

One of the sample slides also has an editable chart slide for presenting your data. Needless to say, you can easily add SmartArt, diagrams, clipart or charts to any slide according to need.

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