Download free Office templates related to business and acquisitions. These include templates like PowerPoint templates, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents that can be used for presenting business acquisition related information or for recording transactional details, financial performance indicators and other types of relevant data which might be presented when a business acquisition is to take place.


Business Report Notebook Template For Word


Business Reports are essential in any company or establishments. This is because business reports allow managers, owners, employees, and stakeholders to be on the same page with all that is happening within the organization.

Free Business Acquisition Template For Excel


Some companies, especially bigger corporations get into business activities that further their corporate goals and create more opportunities. One of these activities is Business Acquisition. Business Acquisition is the process of acquiring a company to build on the strengths and businesses of the acquiring company. One of the first tasks needed to be accomplished before …

Best business PowerPoint templates that you’d love to use in your corporate presentations

Good PPT templates at no cost can also be found on the Internet and can be used for commercial and business purposes. Here is a collection of the best free business PowerPoint templates for presentations that you can download to reduce your corporate costs by saving in PowerPoint templates that can be adapted and reused …