Free Animated Timeline Template For PowerPoint 2013 With Video

In planning and in managing events or projects, it is important to keep track of your tasks and deadlines. You have to be aware of when you will start a task and when it should be accomplished in order for other tasks to be completed in relation to one another. The Free Animated Timeline Template for PowerPoint 2013 with Video is a great way to present your tasks in an eye-catching and unique manner. The Animated Timeline Template for PowerPoint 2013 is a professionally designed template that displays a timeline with a background of a grassy field moving with the breeze.


Ideal For Timeline Presentations

This animated timeline template is perfect for presentations when you have to discuss projects timelines, and project tasks. It is also suitable for presenting timelines in relation to innovations, inventions, advancements or technology.


Suitable For Professional And Personal Use

The Free Animated Timeline Template for PowerPoint 2013 with Video can be used by business professionals for presenting project timelines. It can also be used by teachers and professors to discuss historical events and advancements. This free template may be useful as well for individuals who want to present personal timelines or events. The template design is versatile enough for whatever subject your timeline presentation has.


Notes for Reproducing Slide Elements

The PowerPoint 2013 template has placeholders that can easily be edited. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions that any beginner or advanced PowerPoint user can use. There is a note for users to reproduce the video effects on the slide. There are also instructions for users to be able to reproduce the timeline effects, month labels for the timeline, the vertical line with text effects, and the background on the slide. This handy template comes with everything you need to customize your timeline presentations.

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