Free Animated PowerPoint Templates For Making Introductory Slides

Animations are a great way for livening up your presentation. There are different kinds of animations in PowerPoint though. Some animations introduce an object, some emphasize, while some are used for exiting the slide. Thoughtful use of animations draw the attention of your audience while imparting the same message as an otherwise boring length of text. 

In this article, we will review some of the Free Animated PowerPoint Templates for Making Introductory Slides. These introductory slides make your point come across to your audience in an interesting way. Let’s look at the animated PowerPoint templates one by one.

Free Animated PowerPoint Template To Highlight Text

This animated slide template is perfect for highlighting your point or an object in your slide. It features a circle around a text in a set of texts on a slide. You can easily change the text for your own by clicking on the text placeholder and typing on the text box.

Go to Download Circle Draws to Highlight Text Template for PowerPoint


Free PowerPoint Template With Rectangle Animation Sequence

This animation slide best suits widescreen presentations. It introduces a text one by one by sliding each box upwards into the center of the slide. Each box grows, as it slides into place. This is wonderful for listing multiple ideas and discussing each as they appear.

Go to Download Rectangle Curves Upwards Sequence Animation Template


Free Animated PowerPoint Template With Fade Effect

The slide template you see below puts an image as the main focal point of the slide. It features an animated text caption in a translucent rectangle, which fades into the background image. You can easily change the image to your liking. This template is suitable for vacation and promotional templates but will work on any subject as well.

Go to Download Photo Caption Fading Animation Template


Free Gliding Animation Template For PowerPoint

The template below is perfect for showcasing many aspects of your subject, like presentations for job descriptions, locations, vacation spots, manpower, recruitment, product reviews, and so many more. This slide template features a box that glides through the top of the slide. The box contains an image that changes as it glides through.

Go to Download Photo Changing and Gliding Animation Template


All the animations are already built in with the template so all you have to do is to customize the slides for your own presentation, subject and preference. You can download more animated templates by checking out our reviews of Animated PowerPoint Templates.

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