Slides PowerPoint

PowerPoint has many less known features and can also be used with many third-party add-ins and web apps. These features and tools can help you effectively create and deliver your presentations.

If you want to learn about slides PowerPoint and layout management, you can check out these tutorials for learning the basics and new tricks regarding effective slide management for PowerPoint.

Best Websites For Slide Sharing

Sharing presentations online has become easier than one might think. While there are very few well-known resources to get the job done, there are many lesser known websites that offer an excellent features for creating and sharing presentations online. This includes slide hosting services that not only enable making presentations online but also enable uploading existing …

Different Methods to Copy Slides in PowerPoint

While designing a PowerPoint presentations sometimes we need to copy slides from outside PowerPoint to the internal presentation, in the same presentation or even from the current PowerPoint to an external resource. There are different ways to copy slides in PowerPoint and here we will summarize a few of these methods. You can use these …