Animated Minimal Design PowerPoint Template

Simple layouts have been the norm since almost a decade in digital design. Ranging from the Windows 8 Modern UI to the Android Material Design, the use of lightweight, minimalist designs are used across applications and templates to ensure easy readability of text, efficient application response time and to add visual appeal. Animated Minimal Design PowerPoint Template brings all that as a general-purpose presentation template.

Animated Minimal Design PowerPoint Template

Minimalist Design with Editing Advanced Options

The editable design of the template enables presenters to replace objects and images, as well as to change the color of the layout. There are instructions within the template which guide presenters regarding the possibility for such customizations.

Minimal Design

The utility to edit images is quite handy, considering most PowerPoint template providers don’t provide this level of customization. Like other templates from this developer, you get the utility to edit and copy around objects. Furthermore, the animated slides make it easier for you to create presentations that are visually appealing, without going through the hassle of adding animations yourself. The mix of transitions and animations in animated sample slides is provided as a preset for presenters to use. The easy way to use them is to simply populate placeholders by adding your images and text.

Editable and Minimalist Design

While the default background colors are more turquoise and white, you can format the background design and colors to suit your corporate colors and presentation needs.

Format Background Design for Minimalist Template

One of the interesting aspects of this template is the way the headings, text-boxes and images have been placed in default layouts. The content is quite artistic and attention grabbing. You can get a few ideas from the sample images to make the slides more attractive. If possible, using some filters or editing images in an image editing tool like PhotoShop might help you add some value to the sample slides.

Artistic Slide

You can preview the slides and download the Animated Minimal Design PowerPoint Template from PresenterMedia.

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