Slides Carnival and Alternatives for Google Slides Templates

Last updated on May 18th, 2020

Since PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation app in the world, there are millions of presentations created daily using a variety of free PowerPoint templates available across different websites. When we look at cross-platform alternatives, perhaps the most viable alternative is Google Slides, as it is free to use and available via the web and mobile apps. Slides Carnival is a website that offers free PowerPoint templates also optimized for Google Slides.

In this article we will see:

  1. What is Slides Carnival?
  2. Search Google Slides Templates by Category
  3. Preview and Download Presentation Templates
  4. Use Templates as Google Slides Themes
  5. Good Alternatives to Google Slides
    1. Alternative 1 – FPPT
    2. Alternative 2 – Free Google Slides Templates
    3. Alternative 3 – Macfadden’s Google Slides templates
    4. Alternative 4 – Slide Model

Slides Carnival Alternatives

What is Slides Carnival

Slides Carnival is a website that provides free presentation templates for both PowerPoint and Google Slides. The slide decks available at Slides Carnival come with elaborate sample slides that can be easily edited for creating professional presentations.

Volumnia PowerPoint template

Search Google Slides Templates by Category

You can search for PowerPoint and Google Slides templates by category from the top menu or the popular searches listed at the bottom. Templates are categorized by color and topics. Some of the topics and categories listed at Slides Carnival include formal, inspirational, elegant, playful, business, technology, medical, education, etc.

Slides Carnival Popular Search

Preview and Download Presentation Templates

For each template that you select, you can preview the slides from the product page and download it for PowerPoint or open it directly in Google Slides.

Artsy PowerPoint Template

Use Templates as Google Slides Themes

Once you click on ‘Use as Google Slides Theme’, the template opens up in preview mode. From here, you can click on Use Template from the top right corner to open and use the template as a Google Slides theme.

Slides Carnival PowerPoint templates
Slides Carnival

Good Alternatives to Google Slides

There are plenty of websites out there providing free and paid resources for presenters. While Google Slides gained some popularity in recent years, you can find creative presentation templates for Microsoft PowerPoint with more elaborate slide decks. These templates can also be used with Google Slides.

Alternative #1 –

At FPPT you can download thousands of presentation templates with awesome backgrounds. These templates are available for virtually any topic imaginable. You can use these presentation templates for PowerPoint or open and use them in Google Slides.

Free Google and PowerPoint Slides Templates

Browse free templates at

Alternative #2 – Free Google Slides Templates

Free Google Slides Templates is another good alternative if you are looking for Google Slides Themes and Backgrounds for your presentations. Unlike the rest of the template providers mentioned in this post, Free Google Slides Templates is primarily geared towards the provision of high-quality templates for Google Slides.

Free Google Slides Themes and Templates

Visit Free Google Slides Templates

Alternative #3 – Macfadden’s Google Slides templates

Mike Macfadden is a Digital Graphic Design teacher who created these Google Slides designs for his students and then shared them online so anyone who needs presentation designs for Google Slides can use them. At the time of writing this article, we could count 23 presentation templates available on the site, while the collection is reduced these are definitely useful and effective templates for any educator or a business professional who require Google Slides templates.

Mike Macfadden Google Slides templates

This is a very interesting website offering free templates for Google Slides. Even if the templates are available with only a single slide [the cover image], the slide designs look really good and Macfadden’s templates feature great cover slides that will help your slide deck to look awesome, by captivating the user’s attention from the beginning of the presentation. In the site you can find templates named as Firelight, Zen Master, Shiplap, Late Autumn, Karate Chop, White Bricks, Ombre, Podium, 80’s Night, Vanstock, Doodly Doo and more. By duplicating the slides and creating internal slides for your presentation with the same styles and fonts, you can keep the overall presentation and slides to look uniform in terms of look and feel.


Alternative #4 –

SlideModel is a presentation template provider with templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides. At SlideModel you will find a number of premium templates for making formal presentations. There are a number of robust business presentation templates, including complex models and editable diagrams for making SWOT analysis, funnel diagrams, cause and effect illustrations, PESTEL analysis, timelines, road maps, etc. Furthermore, you can also find templates with editable maps for each continent, region and dozens of countries.

Free Google Slides Templates by SlideModel

SlideModel not only have PowerPoint templates available, but a good collection of templates for Google Slides. Most of them are compatible in both presentation software tools and you can combine graphics, diagrams and styles from the templates in the catalog.

Slides Carnival PowerPoint template

Related template: Carnival PowerPoint template by SlideModel

Final words

While Slides Carnival is a good website for downloading PowerPoint and Google Slides templates, alternatives such as FPPT and SlideModel have a more extensive collection of presentation templates. SlideModel is by far one of the most complete resources where you can download diagrams, assets, and graphics for your presentations. Originally created around PowerPoint themes, the site also provides Google Slides themes, and it represents a good alternative.

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