Foundry PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a go-to general purpose template that you can use for business, school or personal use, it is best to choose a template that best suits your personality or brand. This way, customization is easy and you can make the most of your presentation to make a lasting impression on your audience.

General Purpose Foundry PowerPoint Template

The Foundry PowerPoint Template is the perfect template if you want to convey strength and stability to your presentation. It looks like concrete, with its soothing gray colors that allow you to present your content without much distractions. In fact, this template contains features that allows to highlight your content while making your information easily understandable to your audience.

This Foundry PowerPoint Template features a cover slide with a light gray textured background with a darker gray rectangular overlay, where there is a placeholder for your presentation title.

You can add more slides by clicking on New Slide in the Home Menu in the Ribbon. With this, you can choose from among the many professionally laid out slides to help you present your data in an organized and uniform manner. There are many layout options and it is up to you to build your presentation by adding and duplicating slides as you go along with your own presentation.

Choose From a Wide Array of Presentation Layout Options

If gray is not your style, this Foundry PowerPoint Template can still provide you with many customization options to allow you to change the background color, font style, font size, and many other features of the template to truly make it your own.

And because this Foundry PowerPoint Template is a Office Online template, this means you can access it anytime and anywhere through your browser, using any mobile device or computer. Simply log in to your OneDrive account. Alternatively, you can also save this template to your own computer and edit it from there.

Customize the Template to Suit Your Own Preferences

As an online template, you can easily share and collaborate with your team members if you need to work on a presentation together. You can also easily share the template through social media or email it to anyone.

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    1. Hi Nelson. Yes, there is a way to download it. Did you click “Go to Foundry PowerPoint Template”? Then, in the landing page on Microsoft website, you’ll see there is an Open in PowerPoint Online. As soon as you open it in PowerPoint, you can grab your own copy and edit it locally. Let us know if you need additional help.

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