Explaining How Value is Added by using a ROIC Tree PowerPoint Template

For any strategical decision or if you are preparing a business PowerPoint presentation where you need to explain how value is added to the company, then a ROIC tree can be useful. A ROIC tree visualization can help you navigate and connect all the pieces across a company and see how the value is added in an EVA (Economic Value Added). This is similar to understand what is going from the customer perspective to operations to ROIC to generate value.

ROIC Tree PowerPoint Template

Here we will show you how to make a simple ROIC tree diagram in PowerPoint template by using a Multi Level Hierarchy SmartArt Graphic.

First, we start inserting the SmartArt diagram. Learn more about how to Insert SmartArt or you can do it from Insert menu. Make sure to choose the Horizontal Multi Level Hierarchy diagram. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like in the picture, since we will flip it.


The trick here is to flip the diagram so it has the root node on the right instead of the left. Go to SmartArt tools menu and then Design, and here look for Right to Left button.

roic template

After you click this button, the diagram will be flipped horizontally.

eva template roic tree business

You can easily format the diagram and change the colors. For this purpose we will use different colors for each level.

smartart template roic business

Finally, save the changes and you have designed a simple but effective ROIC template.

roic template ppt

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Download this template for free from  ROIC PowerPoint template (2027 downloads)

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