Easily Create Project Management Timelines With Preceden Timeline Maker

Project timelines are an important blueprint for keeping an eye on how the project is to proceed. When working on a project, especially in the early stages of planning and commencement you might need to create a timeline to lay out and present the basic plan for the venture. However, just because you’re good at your job does not guarantee that you can also make very good timelines, which can be quite a buzz kill for your career plans.

Create a Professional Looking Timeline Even if You’re Not Good at Making One!

Whether you find it hard to create good timelines or simply don’t have the time to spend hours making one that looks professionally presentable, Preceden is a web service that can be a life saver for you!


Making Timelines with Preceden

To create a timeline using Preceden, simply sign up for an account and login, once logged in you can begin creating timelines for your project plans or to decorate your PowerPoint presentations with creative timeline designs. If you have already made timelines in the past, they will show up in your Dashboard.

Create a timeline with Preceden

In the next step, you can begin adding events, layers and legends and make use of the sharing options to share your timeline once it’s complete.

Making timelines with Preceden

Adding Events to Your Timeline

Once you add an event to a timeline, you need to provide an event name, start and end date and you can optionally add notes with the event. You can add multiple events to a singe timeline.

Adding events to your timeline

Using Layers in Preceden

In case you are wondering what layers represent in Preceden, they are actually meant to bundle together similar events belonging to a timeline. Once you edit or add an event, you are given the option to specify a layer for them.

Using layers in Preceden

Adding Legends in Preceden

Using Legends you can color code events on your timelines and also display legends with an optional description.

Adding legends in Preceden

Edit Your Timelines Anytime

Below your generated timeline are the various sections represented with an ‘Edit’ button. You can make amendments to your timelines anytime to reflect necessary changes. This means that once you have created a timeline, it’s not locked in any way and can be comprehensively altered with ease.

Edit timelines

Password Protect, Collaborate and Share Timelines Online

Preceden allows you to print, password protect and share your timelines online. The ‘Change Visibility’ option located on the top right corner provides various privacy settings. You can keep your timeline publicly visible to everyone, private or password protect it so that you and only people with a password can view it. To invite a collaborator, click the ‘Collaborate’ option and provide an email address. Similarly, the social media sharing buttons can be used for sharing your timeline using social profiles. Other sharing options include the ability to embed your timeline and to save it in CSV or PDF format.

Preceden timeline

The Verdict

What makes Preceden quite handy is the ability to easily create timelines within a short time frame by making use of its simple web layout. While Preceden does not promise over the top graphics or timeline layouts that will blow your audience away, however, it offers something that is more important, i.e. an easy to use mechanism for quickly generating timelines that you can share with anyone by saving them offline, sharing them online or by printing them out on paper.

This ensures that you are able to create professional looking timelines and save time on your effort. After all, it’s more important to get things done right, rather than merely glossing up your content with effects which can be rather visually overpowering for an audience, (which might even make it hard for them to comprehend the content of your timeline).

You can sign up and try out Preceden for free. The free version is limited to 5 events per timeline. Should you choose to upgrade, Preceden requires a simple one time cost of $29, which makes it possible to add unlimited events to timelines.

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