Global Warming

Animated Environmental Issues PowerPoint Template

Animated Environmental Issues powerPoint Template

Global warming, climate change and other environmental issues have been heavily debated in recent years. The impact of climate change has led to discussion on climate change adaptation, and identifying the means to cut greenhouse emissions. To discuss the broad concept of environmental impact of greenhouse gases, deforestation, air pollution and overconsumption, you can use …

Earth Day Event Template For Word


Earth Day is a global event which is celebrated each year on 22nd April. This is an event where people come together from all walks of life to show their support for the sake of environmental awareness and protection. Many countries celebrate Earth Day and there are many activities held in relation to this event.

Animated Environment PowerPoint Templates

Conserving the environment, global warming, renewable energy, sustainable development and eco-friendly solutions are many of the buzz words resonating across various sectors, especially the development sector. Sometimes, one might have to present something related to the environment to keep up with the requirements of the corporate culture or to be a part of celebrations for …

Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template

For presentations related to conservation, green energy, global warming and other environment related topics, one needs to have a compelling presentation template to make an impact on an audience, which is usually at risk of getting bored by environment related subject matter. The Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template is one such template.