Duarte’s Five Rules Presentation Template for PowerPoint

Last updated on June 7th, 2023

You’ve been churning out PowerPoint presentations one after the other, and you may think that you’ve got presentations down the line. However, when you take a look at your audience, you always see them with their bored faces. Come to think of it, you know there’s really something missing with your presentations, only you don’t know what it is.


Create Your Own Award-Winning Slide Designs

If you’re looking to improve your presentations and make your audience more interested than ever, then maybe this template will help you out. Duarter’s Five Rules Presentation Template for PowerPoint will not only provide you a stunning template, it will also give you fantastic tips to make your presentations stand out from the rest.

Duarte’s Five Rules Presentation Template for PowerPoint is a spectacular, highly entertaining and highly interactive template that you can use to create your own presentations by customizing the template. Furthermore, as you go over the template, you can find priceless tips on how to turn your presentation from drab and dull to compelling and memorable.

The template features beautifully designed slides that are interconnected with each other. The slides are also seamlessly connected through animations and smooth transitions. The whole template itself is a great example of what kind of presentation you yourself would be making for your audience.

Duarte Presentation templates
Duarte Presentation templates

Whether you are creating presentations for your business, school project, or organization, this template is perfect because it balances information, creativity, and eye-catching visuals. The voice-over as well is a helpful addition instead of just a distraction from the content of the presentation.

Replicate Interesting Effects to Brighten Up Your Slides

At the end of this template, there are also instructions and guides on how to replicate the effects used in the template, such as the artistic effects, video effects, and many others. These are not only decorations but essential elements of design that are included in Duarte’s Five Rules, which are all award-winning and widely used by many in the design industry.


Best of all, the template is uploadable to your OneDrive account so you can share design insights to your friends through the sharing tools. You can also easily access the template to customize it and use for your own presentations.

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