Drawing Conclusions with the Help of PowerPoint Presentations

Your conclusion consists of few last words that your audience would hear. So in order to make your last impression a lasting one, you need to be very clear about what you want to convey to your listeners.

Drawing Conclusions with the Help of PowerPoint Presentations

A good ending to a presentation can enhance your entire performance. While drawing conclusion with the help of PowerPoint presentation, it is important to match it up with your basic theme.

PowerPoint acts as an effective visual aid in both commercial and educational presentations. Supporting your oral speech with PPT would enable the audience to understand your information in a better way. A successful presentation consists of an effective introduction, body and a relevant ending.

A finishing can be an opinion or a recommendation based on a product or a service. If you have started with a question or a brainteaser, then answer it in the conclusion. It is better to support your suggestion with an appropriate reason.

Below are some points which are needed to be considered while summing up your speech:

  • Your ending should represent the central idea of your presentation. So make sure that you use connecting points throughout your speech to bring relevancy.
  • It is better to plan your ending before hand only.
  • Make your ending short and precise as it helps the audience to concentrate on the message you want to deliver. Don’t try to make it too stretchy.
  • You can add a summary of few important points in your conclusion.
  • Always remember that your main motive is to serve the purpose of the presentation and wrapping up is the best possible way to influence the audience.
  • The collection of material for the presentation decides the flow of your lecture. So research more to gather accurate information so as to draw an apposite conclusion in a way reinforcing your key message.
  • Your final slide can include a single sentence defining your goal or an image that symbolizes your theme.
  • Your closing should come out logically from the concepts explained in your speech.
  • Do not tuck new ideas into your conclusion as it may confuse people obscuring your original message. For more information, have a look at our article on organizing a presentation.
  • Avoid abrupt endings as it will leave a negative impression on the viewers.

This way you can influence your listeners making them understand your primary objective.

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