Organizing a Presentation

While organizing a PowerPoint presentation, your first and foremost consideration should be that how well it would suit your audience. If your presentation is capable to keep the audience engaged; only then you can call yourself a successful presenter.

Organizing a Presentation

Your purpose and content of the presentation should compliment each other as your aim of delivering the presentation can only be achieved if you communicate  right information.

So there is a need to organize your efforts with a wise approach  while preparing your slides as well as interacting with the audience. Have a look at the below mentioned aspects that could help you:

Make an Outline


Starting with an interesting imagery, a question or a fact can grab the attention of the audience. Gain the confidence of the viewers by telling them why they should believe what you are going to tell them. Try to apply practicality to your topic to make them understand better.


It comprises  the main information you are about to tell the audience. Support your key points with impressive details by giving statistics, facts and examples.


Your ending should be in such a way that the audience are able to precept that you are concluding, otherwise it may appear as a sudden ending to them. Reviewing the whole idea of the presentation here would help to choreograph a relevant conclusion.

Slide Preparation

When using PowerPoint to create your slides, try to use the tools efficiently but remember, not to overdo it.

Textual Appearance

Use short sentences and highlight important points with the help of bullets and numbering. Font color and size should be in a good format that can be easily visualized.


All the images and animations, if added, should be in relevance with the point, you are elaborating on. Playing non-relevant content would confuse the audience. To learn more, read our article on how to plan content for PowerPoint presentations.

domino ppt template

If you want to save time during this phase, you can browse free themes and PowerPoint graphics including PowerPoint presentation templates for your slides. This will allow you to find a good theme for your topic or customize a brandable PowerPoint template for your own brands. A good starting point is Free PowerPoint Templates but if you need animated templates for PowerPoint you can check those from Presenter Media templates after getting a subscription.

Technical Knowledge

As you are using PPT, so make yourself familiar with all the concerned equipments including projector, mike, pointer etc.

Communication Method

Follow Transitions

Craft each section of your speech in such a way that everything seems to be connected. Holding everything together might look difficult, but it would act as a guide to the audience and would make them attentively focused.

Try to connect your previous point with the next one by adding a brief summary for each point. If you are interested, you can read more about how to improve your communication skills for presentations.

Presenting Yourself

Your body movements should be perfect and show positivism in your gestures. Try to add humor to lighten the atmosphere. Give answer to all queries with a smile and maintain eye contact with the audience. Verbal communication skills are a plus while preparing a presentation or speech.

Applying all these aspects properly, you can arrange your presentation effectively.

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