Drawing a Simple 3D Chart in PowerPoint using Shapes

This tutorial will explain how to make a nice but simple 3D chart. You can use this kind of charts to make impressive presentations and impress your CEO and company top management.  If you need more complex charts then you may choose to use the PowerPoint chart tool. These charts below are just to represent an overall idea and should not be used for accurate data.

How to make a 3D Column chart in PowerPoint using shapes and 3D effects with perspective

First, we start adding a simple shape. You can choose a rounded rectangle or any other shape. Insert the shape in PowerPoint and then access Format Shape options to add a 3D or perspective effect. To access Format Shapes you can right click over the shape and then click Format Shape option.

Now, add a 3D rotation option, you can choose it from the preset under 3D rotation tab. This will help to add a 3D style and deepth value, but then you’d need to enter a depth value. For this example we have used 100, 200 and 400 as depth but you can try different values depending on the 3D chart that you want to build.

Finally, if you want to try with different shapes, just go to Format and then Edit Shape to use a circle for example.

This is an example of 3D chart that we have created with this simple technique.

You can of course use another approach. For example, picking the can shape in PowerPoint, which has a simple 3D style that you can use without changing the format options. In a new slide we have created this other 3D Chart with simple can shapes.

Using 3D charts can help to decorate your business presentations or to visualize data in your slides.

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