FrameBox: Simple Wireframe Editor Online

If you need to prepare wireframes for your next web project or application, then there are many different tools that you can use. We have seen Keynotopia templates bundle for PowerPoint that can be pretty handy for UX designers who need to prepare wireframes and prototypes using PowerPoint. However, here is another practical tool for web designers and UX professionals. It is Frame Box, an easy frame sharing website that allows you to make online wireframes for prototypes.

Simple Wireframe Editor Online

In order to design an online wireframe using Frame Box you need three easy steps:

  1. Sketch frame using UI units
  2. Save it and get a link to created frame
  3. Send a link to your companion or colleagues

frame box

By using the toolbar on the left, you can insert common components like textboxes, text area, comments area, image placeholder, horizontal lines, vertical lines, text titles as well as other components like combo boxes or buttons.

Here is one of the examples available on their website.

prototypes online

Learn more about Frame Box onĀ

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