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Many businesses often require making new business cards for different employees and information on cards can quickly change. In such a case getting cards printed and re-printed can incur a lot of cost. Business cards can be printed in-house instead of spending a lot of money on outsourcing the job. Businesscards.Business is a website which offers high-quality printable Business Card Templates for making custom business cards.

Business cards for business

Customize Templates to Create Printable Business Cards

The templates are available asĀ PhotoShop PSDs with placeholders for adding relevant information. This can help you to quickly create professional business cards for yourself and your employees and print them using a card printer. Moreover, you can also make good use of these templates if you are a printing company which prints business cards.

Business card template for PhotoShop

Wide Variety of Free Business Card Templates

The website is still new but you can already download a variety of business card designs from the website. The templates are quite professionally crafted and easy to customize. If you know even a bit about using PhotoShop, you will be able to use these templates as all that is required is to fill the textboxes with relevant information.

Metro design business card

Edit, Customize and Print Business Cards

If you are a bit proficient in PhotoShop, you can also customize the layouts of these templates to further customize the look of your cards. These templates are free and come without rigid restrictions so you will not have to worry about copyright issues when making cards for your company.

Modern UI business cards

The best thing about BFB is that the template designs are well throughout and original, which can also help you avoid making your cards look monotonous. For example, the modern UI style card design shown above is quite a unique and clean looking layout for a business card, whereas a more conventional layout can be seen from the design from one of the BFB templates given below.

Printable business cards

The website caters for cards related to a number of categories, such as student business cards, technology themed business cards, generic glossy card designs and more. There are new cards added every now and then so you can also look forward to updating your card designs with new and improved templates in the near future.

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